Design GB was created by Phil and Michelle Gardner. Lighting Design is a relatively new design discipline and so it seemed quite appropriate to make a new set of rules for how a company should operate…why make contracts with hundreds of hours of work, why be “exclusive” rather than inclusive! After 35 years collectively in the business, Phil and Michelle began with a blank piece of paper and put the customer at the heart…Design GB was born.

For residential clients;

Some customers wanted simple, no non-sense solutions to create great designs in one room at a time or a home extension to be “open plan.” Most designed interiors are too important an investment to “fail”or get wrong because the lighting can make or break a room. So, Design GB would supply a well thought through, experienced and creative design…but pragmatic, clear instructions, a complete package that would allow the builder, the electrician, the plasterer (and other trades) and clients easy understanding and co-ordination from the design to all parties. The important ingredient (from years of experience) was to supply sample lights, which would mean more to a construction team than pretty pictures. A design and a package that must be accessible to every well designed interior project at a budget that is affordable but delivers huge value in designs that really make a space come alive. From this “Design in a Box” was born.

For other clients renovating multiple rooms or a building a whole house, years of experience and probably hundreds of houses, villas, barns and beach houses has shown two types of clients…the discerning, busy and time poor clients and the experienced, build aware self project manager. For these equally important customers who realise the value of good design and attention to detail, Phil and Michelle created the “Design in a Day” and “Design in a Week” programmes. One arms the client with several jointly designed rooms and sufficient knowledge to roll out bedrooms number 3 onwards, utility and snugs etc themselves. One literally does all the measurements, meetings and sets of scaled drawings in 5 consecutive days with a complete team..as important as lighting is, when it is “ticked off the list” and everyone is briefed the project leaps forward not waiting for yet another professional cog in the wheel.


Phil Gardner is the Director of Design. Michelle runs the business operations and will over see you (as a client) from start to finish. Phil has over 25 years commercial experience in lighting across the World. He studied degrees in education and then management and marketing before his Masters in Light and Architecture from the Bartlett school of Architecture (University College London).

A designer, author and educator, Phil has set up new lighting teams and offices for clients across the World, from manufacturers like ERCO and Philips Lighting to retailers like the Al Nasser Group (largest lighting retailer in Saudi Arabia).

After training designers and sales teams in over 23 countries, authoring publications that have been translated to Norwegian and Japanese Phil is often consulted by new and established brands for his market insights.

The important thing to know as a design client, is “you are in safe hands” Phil and Michelle have years of experience and literally hundreds of completed lovely homes for clients. They live in a historic (1678) farm house in the most picturesque part of Shropshire where clients and students come to visit from all over the World, and if you become a customer you would be welcome..

Some of Phil’s previous clients…

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