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Lighting design is important, but you are busy and everything requires your time and attention…

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Give us just one day of your time and create the completed designs and installation pack together to take away (one more thing “ticked” off the list !)

Visit Phil & Michelle in their 300 year old farmhouse in South Shropshire, dedicate a day to your lighting project and leave with all the answers, drawings and specifications done.

Want us to come to you – Just let us know

You get to make the detailed decisions you always intended to make your new home very special, lighting is important but so too everything else is taking your precious time. Dedicate one day without distraction and achieve what might take weeks in just hours.

We will be prepared and ready for you, we will have studied your project and be prepared with ideas. Work in real time 1:1 with Phil to create together something individual, tailored and you will understand the deep reasoning and purpose of every dot & decision you make together. Enjoyable, passionate and hugely rewarding to leave at the end of a busy day with a most satisfying design to take the project forwards.

Professional ideas, quality design and detail…nothing is less of a standard except the price.


DEDICATE ONE DAY to creating a beautiful interior for your new home with light.

Personal, professional and complete in a day…when there is so much else that needs your time.

See what our customers say…

“The day with Phil was incredibly helpful in getting to a really interesting design…..  saved me a great deal of time and energy trawling websites without enough knowledge to come to a decision on anything.  Their hospitality on the day was also wonderful.  I couldn’t recommend Phil highly enough”’

Mrs & Mrs Excall created a beautiful new home in Uxbridge.

What we achieved in a day was perfect, and the personalised designs we created with Phil went on to influence the interior design, we would never have achieved this , or anything like this on our own…Great day, recommend this to everyone doing a home project

Mr & Mrs Hamblin, Kitchen & Family room extension, Birmingham.

Design Day - Lighting Design Training Day from Greyblue Lighting Design 


  • We have prepared in advance and are ready to get straight into your project.
  • You get our time 1:1, you are our guest and we want you to have a great experience.
  • We give you a set of drawings that we created together that are in an open format that you can take away in print and electronically…this means that should a wall move later or need a revision you can open this on a standard PC or Mac and move lights, walls and items…this puts you in control of the design and time. No waiting for revised drawings and extra costs.
  • We give you “how to” design sheets for detailed instructions when we create non standard lighting, so for example a drop ceiling, a recessed shadow gap… you have an instruction sheet to give measurements to your builder.
  • We give you specification sheets for each luminaire we decide to use, this give you all the electronic and loadings as well as physical sizes and cut outs required etc


  • When you are a client, we always support you and your installation team as best we can. All telephone and E-mail support is included and no extra costWe will give you:
  • We will help Cost your project, we will guide you to either the trade price of specialist lights or if there is an internet supplier or better price that we know of we will share this for you to buy all your lights at the very best price. It is normal that the discounts we find our clients easily add up to more than the fees we charge.
  • We also offer a buying and procurement service that we supply your lights, take care of carriage and imports etc and pre-check all your lights personally as they arrive and are sent on to you at a convenient date and time of your choosing. (we charge a 5% handling fee on this service).PLEASE BOOK IN ADVANCE.Subject to availability only, these days are popular please book in sufficient time and notice. Commercial design days in a similar manner are achievable, some controls companies use our day as consultancy to maximize 2 or 3 small projects into the day. (a word from Phil Gardner – your designer)



Dear Home Owner,

We will meet at our home in Shropshire, in beautiful and inspiring countryside that many people take the opportunity to stay over in one of the many great pubs locally and take time to explore,(Michelle can give you recommendations ).  We will begin with idea exchange and development of a lighting concept, then we will develop that plan into individual rooms and together create suitable lighting ideas into the space, with the use of sample lights, mock up lighting effects and previous projects you will be totally in agreement and able to visualize what your new home will look like.

I have spent over 25 years designing World Class Interiors with Light, I have a personally trained professional team who can very competently work with you and equally create beautiful interiors, listening and developing ideas for you, but this is a different personal service 1:1 with me, a personal, professional service in our own home as our guest.

Experience has shown that to stop / start a creative process is far less rewarding than total immersion and quality time. We will be very productive and get vast amount of work done together whilst we will seek to make you comfortable and ensure the time spent designing your beautiful new home together is a memorable day.

You are probably a busy in your life, and the multiple decisions being placed upon you for your new dream house can be stressful. Everyone wants your time, decision and probably money… dedicating a full day may sound a lot to ask, but this is a hugely rewarding day away from the other decisions and you leave with a deep insight, full design and one less thing to worry about, that will now be World Class and perfect. Your investment in your project is the most valuable thing you can do for your self and this important part of creating your dream.

I hope we can work together

Kind Regards




There is a limit to what we can achieve in a day, most houses are very “doable” but there are sometimes too many specialist rooms when we have gyms, swimming pools, cinema rooms and more.. we will advise you advance of the sizeable remit we can achieve in this way.

A Fantastic Offer for a Unique and rewarding Day

A typical home in our traditional design package will be between £2,500 and £4,500 + vat. For Phil to design a Villa in the Middle East in this way is normally £5,000 a day consultation + expenses + drawings & travel.

This “design day” is limited in availability (diary limits).

This special “design day” is not for everyone…if you just want “dots on a drawing” or someone to just “take over” then it is NOT for you, if you like results, like decisions and like to be part of something extra ordinary you can feel proud of, that is your home, then this special dedicated style will fit perfectly.

Many people take this opportunity to stay over for a night or weekend in this beautiful part of the World, home of famous food and beers, castles and unspoilt countryside.

Not Sure ? Ask us your questions and we will be pleased to help.


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