Design in a Box


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**This product is an internet based design and aimed at a one-room solution – if you require more rooms or a whole house – please contact us for a quotation**


Design GB is a professional lighting design company dedicated to creating beautiful homes with light.  After almost 25 years of a professional lighting career, Phil and Michelle (husband and wife team) set about making the beautiful homes available to everyone with light.  Every design is personally crafted by Phil (not sent to India or given to a junior), so you will get the insights and experience of 25 years work in architecture and light … you’re in safe hands.  Michelle (and a small team) will guide you, help you and make sure every client gets personal service.

After designing literally hundreds and beautiful homes with light, I see people change when we create homes they are proud of, inspire them every morning they wake up, pinch themselves and say “we live here!”  Phil Gardner, your Lighting Designer


“It’s so much more than a box”

Not everyone can create unique lighting designs by remote working (internet and telephone etc) often those who only care about quick turnaround, copying a template onto you and sending a speedy PDF .. which is unsatisfactory and leaves too many questions to be installed correctly.  But Design GB have created a total package to give you, your builder and electrician all the possible answers to questions not yet thought of … even real samples to keep, thus “lighting design in a box”.


Your box includes

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