Soft Edges

“Often soft edges are part of a seamless integration of light and space…but it can be soft and not integrated…a simple curved edge feature in a light can be enough to soften and harmonize an otherwise square/ angular space.

Seamless Integration

“Not just clever because by day you don’t see the light fixtures, but the in the future I believe the place where walls, ceilings and furniture meet will no longer be fixed edges…there is an opportunity for these boundaries to melt…

Proud To Live Here

“In almost 25 years of professional lighting and hundreds of projects, the largest to the smallest…I have learnt..we like to feel proud of the space we own / live in, there is nothing more satisfying than doing it yourself..

Less Is More

“Knowing when to use light and when not, is the art of the lighting designer. Sometimes shadow is just as important and sometimes the minimal use of a light allows the set up of a different view to come next, planning spaces is like planning the journey of the person who is going to be in the space”

Just Style

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, perhaps, but we all agree certain people (famous or not) just “have it”…style that is. Stylish interiors come in modern, traditional, beach houses or penthouses, the light can be simple or complex…

Is That Daylight

Making a space feel light and full of “daylight” is more complex than one might imagine, the human brain is not so easily fooled, We start with one (often) source of light as we live in a World with just one Sun, the integrity of the scene has to be like a Play in a Theatre…

Taking The Long View

“Depth cues are as classic as two railway lines running off to some other land…the essence of many a space can still be about a journey, be that a long room enticing you in or a corridor that leads somewhere.

Soft Architecture

“One of my favourite ways to use light…the light fixture with no edge to the plaster, the light has (mostly) a gypsum and resin tile that first fits in the ceiling

Playful Ceilings

“Boundaries of a space are made from furniture, features, walls, ceilings and floors….making the eye to be drawn to the ceiling is a wonderful canvas for the lighting artist inside every designer…

Notice Me!

“When the purpose of the project is retail, the merchandise should be lit first, second and third! The job of a great retail lighting design is to understand the primary purposes then add to the brand and then the shopping experience (through style and architecture)

Integrated To Architecture

“The lighting designer has to read the volume, boundaries, textures and use of the space before suggesting both lit effects and the best luminaire to fit the project.

Continuous Lines

“In greyblue lighting design we nickname the continuous integrated lines we make as “Tron”, because an architect asked for this effect once following the sci-fi film “Tron” where the man on a motorbike…

Choosing Colour

“First know why your using colour, then decide how dominant or subtle this will be. Coloured paint with white light will be different to white ceiling and coloured light.